Ask yourself, did you have a good day today?

If you said yes, thats amazing! Everyone loves having a great day every once and a while. You are happy all day, people notice that you are having a good day too. 

If you said no, thats too bad. Ask yourself why you had such a bad day. Is there any way you can fix it? If so, try it! It's okay to have a bad day, don't worry everyone had them. Just remember this, don't let whatever happened get to you.

So either if you had a good or bad day, you know how it feels to have a good day. Making someone else's day great is always fun. Here are some simple ways you can!

1. Smiling is free

It obviously sounds extremely cliche, but sometimes all people need to see is someone else’s bright smile to alleviate pain or stress. Being surrounded by negative energy is never okay, whether you’re having a good or a bad day.

2. Open the door for the person behind or in front of you

People often feel like they are invisible or unimportant, so when you do that one extra step to think of someone other than yourself, it’s guaranteed that person will be appreciative.

3. Ask someone how their day is going

Adding to the concept that people may feel unimportant, people may also be having a good or bad day and want to share their thoughts with someone. This one act could make someone feel special and it is also therapeutic to talk about your feelings.

4. Do a random act of kindness

Whether it be holding groceries for someone or giving money to charity, it’s guaranteed that you will feel like you did something valuable with your day. It doesn’t have to be some huge gesture, but just doing something for someone other than yourself is extremely rewarding.

5. Be a shoulder for someone to cry on

Sometimes just being there for someone is all that is necessary. If a close friend or someone you know is going through a difficult situation, it doesn’t take much energy to offer a shoulder or even an ear to listen to them. This act of comforting can do wonders and is always acknowledged by the person who needs it.

6. Compliment someone

I’m not advising you to throw random compliments at people that you don’t really mean. If you think to yourself that the woman in front of you looks good in that hat, why not tell her you think so? That woman may be having a rough day and could use some words of flattery. No fake compliments, just ones that travel through your mind and are worth mentioning.

7. Good morning or good night text

I know I love the feeling of being thought of, so if you remember to text your mom and dad “good morning” or “good night” or a friend for that matter, they most likely will feel very loved. This reminds people that there are people out there who care about them, and at the end of the day, what more could a person want?

8. Say "thank you"

We all have been taught by our parents since we can remember how important it is to be polite. I think the only words that are more powerful than “please", are the words “thank you.” It’s common for peoples actions to be under appreciated or unacknowledged, so when you tell someone “thank you”, it could really make them feel like they are worthy and whatever they are doing has a purpose

Ellis, Julia. “8 Simple Ways You Could Brighten Someone's Day.” The Odyssey Online, 30 Aug. 2017,

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Everyone has a lazy day

Lazy days for me and most people I know are on Sunday. You aren't really doing anything, you know very lowkey. My favorite thing to do would probably have to be cooking something amazing or watching a really good movie. Don't worry! I have some ideas just for you!

Mug Cake Recipe

If you are vegetarian, no worries, this is safe for you too! Serving for 1.


  • 4 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar (lightly packed)
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 3 tbsp low-fat milk
  • 1/8 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 2 tbsp semisweet chocolate chips



  1. Combine all ingredients except chocolate chips in a microwave-safe mug. This is a small cake so you can use an 8 oz mug and it should just reach the top when finished cooking. You can also use an oversized mug, but the cake will be lower in the mug. Mix with a small, sturdy whisk until smooth batter forms and no lumps remain.
  2. Stir in half of the chocolate chips. Sprinkle remaining half over the surface. Cook in the microwave for about 1 minute. Let cool a few minutes before eating.


I just recently watched a movie called Wonder. This movie is sad so if you are a cryer, be prepared! I don't want to give away the movie but to sum it up a young boy with a facial deformity goes to middle school for the first time and battles some bullies and makes new friends. I suggest you make your mug cake for yourself and rent this movie!

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One more week!

Spring break is one week away, are you excited? I sure am! Now, here's the real question, do you know where you're going? Or what you're going to do? Well, no worries I can sure help you if you're stuck on that.

What to do?

This depends on what you LIKE to do normally. For example, do you like staying at home reading a good book,  going out with friends, or traveling maybe? Well, look down below for what you think is best for you.

Staying at home- I get it staying at home can be the most relaxing thing out there, just chilling by yourself with no one judging you. Here are some ideas that would make your staycation even better.

  • Find a new recipe and make it! 
  • Make or buy a bath bomb, there are plenty of bath bomb recipe's out on the internet but you can always buy one ahead of time.
  • Find your favorite book, a fire, and some amazing smelling candles.
  • Order a pizza and get your Netflix on! 
  • If you feel like inviting some friends over, have an outdoor/indoor party.

Going out- You can either go out with just yourself or invite your favorite people. Here some ideas on where to go to excite your night on any occasion.

  • Go to a new movie! Movies never disappoint.
  • Shopping could never hurt, especially in a cute, fun town!
  • Go out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Drive to a new city in your state. Day trip!
  • Go to an arcade/gaming place, those can never bring you down.
  • Roller skating or ice skating, skating always brings out some good laughs.

Traveling- Now this can be a day trip, road trip or taking a plane somewhere. Where should you go or what should you do? Good question.

  • Visit family nearby or far away, always good to make someone's day. 
  • Hear about somewhere fun? Go there and take whoever you want!

Thank you for checking out the TLCF blog! Hope you found something that interests you and I hope you do it!

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First Ted Talk Tuesday is now here!

Every Tuesday I will give a link to a community/helping others Ted Talk video. I very much encourage you to watch it and definitely take notes! I give all my credit for these videos to Ted Talk. Thank you and enjoy!

Watch other videos by Ted Talk they are very informational and lifting!

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Want to improve your weekend? Read the article down below.

  1. Cut Back on Chores
    "I know, that sounds crazy -- when else are you supposed to do them?" VanderKam says. "But chores expand to fill the available space. If you have to do them in bits of time on weekdays, you'll spend less time on them (and that's a good thing!). And look for ways to hire help for the biggest time consuming chores -- which is smart for working parents who want to spend their weekends enjoying their children (rather than putting them in front of the TV so you can mow the lawn)." Think about hiring a housekeeper to help with extra chores.

  2. Make a Plan
    The best way to get the most out of your weekend, or any day, is to have a plan. As VanderKam says, "I think being productive on weekends means doing all the rejuvenating things you'd like to do. So make a plan."

    What's at the top of your to-do list? Go for a run, have lunch with a friend or volunteer as a family? It's all possible.

    VanderKam suggests planning how you can make the logistics work. "Make your arrangements, and put these activities on the calendar, and more than likely, they'll happen. Having a plan massively increases the chances that you'll look back on your weekend memories fondly, rather than having no clue Monday morning where the time actually went."

  3. Prioritize Your Schedule
    At the same time, there are some things you have to get done. But remember that you're only human. Don't try to squeeze every last errand, party or activity into one weekend. "Try not planning everything," Marino suggests. "Sometimes we over-schedule ourselves and our children." Give yourself permission to do nothing one weekend a month.                        

Sanfilippo, Elizabeth. "6 Tricks to Improve Your Weekend.",, 17 Sept. 2013,

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 Happy Wednesday Everyone ! 

Spring break is so close! Don't give up yet, think happy thoughts, talk to someone you love, drink some tea. Those are all ways to help your mood and stay motivated to finish these last 2 weeks strong. Need some more motivation? Click the link to watch this motivational video to keep you going. Feel free to come back at any time to watch this video. 

Motivational Video

GoodLifeZEN Article

Focus on 3 things that make you happy every day

Analyse what it is that comes naturally to you during the day. Maybe you simply have to go to the gym to feel good and you get edgy when you don’t. Or you find that cooking is where you spend most of your time. Or you may find yourself dreaming up stories all day which could mean you love writing fiction.

Find those things, write them down and evaluate why they make you happy, and then try to put those findings into other things.  

Yermagambetova, Ainur. “14 Proven Ways For More Positivity In Your Life.” Goodlife Zen, 27 Apr. 2017,



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