Happy Wednesday Everyone ! 

Spring break is so close! Don't give up yet, think happy thoughts, talk to someone you love, drink some tea. Those are all ways to help your mood and stay motivated to finish these last 2 weeks strong. Need some more motivation? Click the link to watch this motivational video to keep you going. Feel free to come back at any time to watch this video. 

Motivational Video


GoodLifeZEN Article

Focus on 3 things that make you happy every day

Analyse what it is that comes naturally to you during the day. Maybe you simply have to go to the gym to feel good and you get edgy when you don’t. Or you find that cooking is where you spend most of your time. Or you may find yourself dreaming up stories all day which could mean you love writing fiction.

Find those things, write them down and evaluate why they make you happy, and then try to put those findings into other things.  

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