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  1. Cut Back on Chores
    "I know, that sounds crazy -- when else are you supposed to do them?" VanderKam says. "But chores expand to fill the available space. If you have to do them in bits of time on weekdays, you'll spend less time on them (and that's a good thing!). And look for ways to hire help for the biggest time consuming chores -- which is smart for working parents who want to spend their weekends enjoying their children (rather than putting them in front of the TV so you can mow the lawn)." Think about hiring a housekeeper to help with extra chores.

  2. Make a Plan
    The best way to get the most out of your weekend, or any day, is to have a plan. As VanderKam says, "I think being productive on weekends means doing all the rejuvenating things you'd like to do. So make a plan."

    What's at the top of your to-do list? Go for a run, have lunch with a friend or volunteer as a family? It's all possible.

    VanderKam suggests planning how you can make the logistics work. "Make your arrangements, and put these activities on the calendar, and more than likely, they'll happen. Having a plan massively increases the chances that you'll look back on your weekend memories fondly, rather than having no clue Monday morning where the time actually went."

  3. Prioritize Your Schedule
    At the same time, there are some things you have to get done. But remember that you're only human. Don't try to squeeze every last errand, party or activity into one weekend. "Try not planning everything," Marino suggests. "Sometimes we over-schedule ourselves and our children." Give yourself permission to do nothing one weekend a month.                        

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