One more week!

Spring break is one week away, are you excited? I sure am! Now, here's the real question, do you know where you're going? Or what you're going to do? Well, no worries I can sure help you if you're stuck on that.

What to do?

This depends on what you LIKE to do normally. For example, do you like staying at home reading a good book,  going out with friends, or traveling maybe? Well, look down below for what you think is best for you.

Staying at home- I get it staying at home can be the most relaxing thing out there, just chilling by yourself with no one judging you. Here are some ideas that would make your staycation even better.

  • Find a new recipe and make it! 
  • Make or buy a bath bomb, there are plenty of bath bomb recipe's out on the internet but you can always buy one ahead of time.
  • Find your favorite book, a fire, and some amazing smelling candles.
  • Order a pizza and get your Netflix on! 
  • If you feel like inviting some friends over, have an outdoor/indoor party.

Going out- You can either go out with just yourself or invite your favorite people. Here some ideas on where to go to excite your night on any occasion.

  • Go to a new movie! Movies never disappoint.
  • Shopping could never hurt, especially in a cute, fun town!
  • Go out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Drive to a new city in your state. Day trip!
  • Go to an arcade/gaming place, those can never bring you down.
  • Roller skating or ice skating, skating always brings out some good laughs.

Traveling- Now this can be a day trip, road trip or taking a plane somewhere. Where should you go or what should you do? Good question.

  • Visit family nearby or far away, always good to make someone's day. 
  • Hear about somewhere fun? Go there and take whoever you want!

Thank you for checking out the TLCF blog! Hope you found something that interests you and I hope you do it!

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