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2nd Annual DeSoto Family Fun 5k

This fun run is picking up speed with another successful year of meeting new people, staying physically fit and challenging ourselves to move forward together!

All proceeds for the race benefit our community needs through grants available to other non profit organizations, event scholarships to individuals and additional room to grow! So far this year TLCF has already awarded a grant to DHS Quarterback club. 










                    This Is Your Moment

                 This Is Your Moment


It was a great day

"It's been an honor to host this race for the past two years. For me personally it has been an extremely humbling and heartfelt experience. To watch kids come around the corner for the finish line and give it everything they've got is an incredible feeling of accomplishment for everyone involved." -Director Heather Lucas

Continuing to focus on social healthy through family and community engagement is exactly where TLCF wants to be.


We are so very proud of YOU

2017 5k me saking hands runner.jpg


You are the leaders in our community when you make it a priority to participate on any level

Look what AMAZING things we can do together!

Through the coordination and support of the City of De Soto, in addition to the helping hands of the Kansas Rural Community Foundation we created an experience for our community we can all be extremely proud of.

Thank YOU for the role you played in this event and the strength you shared.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t change you.”